The European Emergency Number 112 in Greece

June 10, 20240

The number 112 is the single European emergency number, operational in Greece since 1999. It provides immediate and free access to emergency services such as the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade, the National Center for Emergency Care (EKAV), the Coast Guard, as well as help lines for children and adolescents.

When to Call 112

Call 112 in any emergency situation that requires immediate assistance, such as:

  • Medical emergencies: Accidents, heart attacks, strokes, etc.
  • Fires: Any type of fire, in buildings, forests, etc.
  • Criminal activities: Robberies, burglaries, violent attacks, etc.
  • Traffic accidents: With serious injuries or property damage.
  • Maritime accidents: Boat accidents, swimmers in danger, etc.
  • Other emergency situations: Floods, earthquakes, hazardous material spills, etc.

How to Call 112

  • By phone: From a landline or mobile phone, even without a SIM card or signal.
  • SMS: Send a text message to 112.
  • Email: Send a message to
  • app: Through the mobile app (iOS and Android).

What to Say When Calling 112

  • Who is calling: Give your name (if you wish) and a contact phone number.
  • What happened: Describe the emergency clearly and calmly.
  • Where did it happen: Provide the address or location of the incident as accurately as possible.
  • How many people need help: State the number of injured or people in danger.
  • Other important information: E.g., type of injury, hazardous materials, etc.

What to Do After Calling

  • Stay on the line: The 112 operator will give you instructions and keep you updated on the situation.
  • Follow instructions: Carry out the operator’s instructions to help yourself and others.
  • Do not hang up: Wait until the operator tells you that you can hang up.

112: Modernization and New Features

Since 2020, the Emergency Communications Service “112” has been significantly modernized. It now features:

  • Location identification system: Locates callers who are unable to state their location.
  • Geographical mapping of incidents: Allows for faster dispatch of assistance.
  • Mass notification of citizens: Through messages to mobile phones (cell broadcasting).
  • Public information: Through various channels ( website, media, etc.).


The number 112 is a valuable tool for the safety and protection of citizens in Greece. By calling 112 in an emergency, you can be sure that you will receive immediate and effective assistance.

If you accidentally call 112 It is important not to hang up the phone without speaking.

Let the operators know that the call was a mistake, otherwise, there will be unnecessary mobilization of help, which others may urgently need at that time.

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