Traditional Cretan Weaving on the Loom (Argalios): A Rodakas Workshop in Margarites

June 9, 20240

This video is about a workshop on traditional Cretan weaving on the loom, also known as Argalios, held by Rodakas in Margarites. Rodakas is a group of people established in 2017 to preserve the rich heritage of Margarites.

The video showcases weaving techniques used on the loom. The instructor, Despoina Pantelaki Somakou, explains the different parts of the loom and how they are used. Here are some key parts and techniques mentioned in the video:

  • Stimoni (warp): These are the vertical threads on the loom.
  • Anti (beams): These are the horizontal rods that hold the warp threads.
  • Kalami (reed): This is the comb-like tool used to beat the weft thread into place.
  • Mitaria (heddles): These are the frames that raise and lower warp threads to create sheds for passing the weft thread through.
  • Patitera (treadles): The weaver uses their feet to press on these pedals to control the heddles.
  • Hyphasma (weft): This is the horizontal thread that is woven through the warp threads to create the fabric.
  • Sira (tensioning rod): This rod is used to keep the warp threads taut.

The video also shows the different types of looms used in the workshop. There is a small loom that is good for beginners, and a larger loom that is more productive. The larger loom is called a “paragγωγικός αργαλιός” (paragogikos argalios), which means “production loom” in Greek. This loom is easier to weave with because the weft thread is automatically shuttled back and forth with the use of a mechanism that is manually triggered by a rope.

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