Welcome to Geotour

A platform for small family and individual-owned businesses and social groups and individuals that respect the cultural and environmental heritage.

Welcome to Geotour

A platform for small family and individual-owned businesses and social groups and individuals that respect the cultural and environmental heritage.


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Kamilari and Psiloritis (Ida) mountain


Psiloritis mountain, from Fourfouras

Psiloritis area

Asterousia mountain, Kofinas peak and the south coast of Heraklion


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Korfes apartments in Kamilari Crete


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Museum of ancient Eleftherna

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Giorgos Spiridakis, funder of Safi Kala in Kamilari

Giorgos Spyridakis

Giorgos lives and works in Kamilari, South of Crete, in the Messara plain. He comes from a family of farmers, established in Kamilari for many generations.

Safikala Olive oil products owner

Anastasia from Kouriton house in Margarites, Crete

Anastasia Fryganaki

Anastasia is the owner of The House of Kourites, an authentic stone-built lodging, dating back to 1750 A.D. Restored with respect to its history, the house is located in an unparalleled natural setting, blended with historical and cultural heritage.

Kouriton house owner

Zidianakis Manos, funder of Zidianakis Garage Winery in Agies Paraskies Crete

Manos Zidianakis

Manos is the funder of Zidianakis Garage Winery a small state-of-the-art winemaking establishment located in the village of Agies Paraskies, Crete.

Zidianakis Garage Winery owner

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June 11, 20240
Greco-Turkish population exchange of 1923
The Greco-Turkish population exchange of 1923 was a pivotal event in the history of both nations, resulting in the displacement of over 1.6 million people. This exchange was rooted in the complex history of the region, marked by centuries of Ottoman rule, Greek independence struggles, and escalating ethnic tensions. Historical Context The Ottoman Empire, a...
The European Emergency Number 112 in Greece
June 10, 20240
The European Emergency Number 112 in Greece
The number 112 is the single European emergency number, operational in Greece since 1999. It provides immediate and free access to emergency services such as the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade, the National Center for Emergency Care (EKAV), the Coast Guard, as well as help lines for children and adolescents. When to Call 112 Call...

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