Rodakas Social Group: Revitalizing Tradition in Margarites

Rodakas is a community-based social group in Margarites, Rethymno, Crete, dedicated to preserving and celebrating the village’s rich cultural heritage. Founded in 2017, the group’s core mission is to create a living archive of oral histories and photographs, capturing the stories, traditions, and knowledge of Margarites’ elders.

Rodakas believes that by documenting these personal narratives, they can safeguard the collective memory of the community and pass it on to future generations. The group also organizes workshops on traditional crafts like stone masonry, weaving, and pottery, ensuring that these skills continue to thrive.

Key Information about Rodakas:

  • Activities: Oral history archive, photographic archive, workshops on traditional crafts (stone masonry, weaving, pottery)
  • Goals: Preserve and promote Margarites’ cultural heritage, create a living archive of oral histories and photographs, offer workshops on traditional crafts
  • Location: Margarites, Rethymno, Crete, Greece
  • Members: Residents of Margarites and surrounding communities
  • History: Founded in 2017 by a group of Margarites residents
  • Current Status: Active, organizing workshops and collecting oral histories and photographs

Rodakas Activities:

  • Stone Masonry Workshop: Theory and practice of traditional stone masonry, focusing on dry stone wall construction and restoration using natural materials.
  • Weaving Workshop: Learn the art of weaving on traditional Cretan looms, create various items like rugs, bags, and belts.

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