Panagia in Livada in Fourfouras
Panagia in Livada in Fourfouras
Panagia in Livada in Fourfouras

The Holy Mother Church in Livada, Fourfousas, Crete: A Historic and Religious Site

The Holy Mother Church in Livada, Fourfousas, Crete is a historic and religious site located in a beautiful spot. Surrounded by cypress trees and overlooking the Amari Valley, the church is a cherished place for the people of Fourfousas. They celebrate their faith and culture here, especially on May Day.

A Long History

The church dates back to the 14th century and was originally dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. Documents show it was a small monastery for women in the 17th century. The building was expanded westward in the early 19th century.

Impressive Frescoes

Inside the church, visitors can see amazing frescoes dating back to the early 1400s. These paintings show religious scenes and saints. In the sanctuary, there’s a picture of the Virgin Mary as the Blachernitissa. On the east wall, there are paintings of the Hospitality of Abraham, the Annunciation, and deacons. The side walls have pictures of various saints. One of the most interesting paintings is of Saint George on a horse. The main part of the church has scenes from the Dodekaorton, the twelve major feasts of the Orthodox Church.

Connection to Another Monastery

The church’s history is linked to the Monastery of Kaloidena in Ano Meros. According to a local story, a nun named Mariam saw a strange light on a nearby mountain. This led to the discovery of an icon of the Transfiguration of Christ and the founding of the Kaloidena Monastery. Mariam’s tomb is outside the church.

A Place of Faith

The Holy Mother Church is more than just a historic site. It’s a place where the people of Fourfousas come to worship and celebrate their faith. They especially enjoy coming here on May Day.

Worth Seeing

Whether you’re interested in history, art, or religion, the Holy Mother Church in Livada is worth a visit. It’s a unique place that offers a glimpse into the past and the faith of the local people.

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