Matala: A Fusion of History, Hippie Legacy, and Beach Bliss

Nestled on the south coast of Crete, approximately 75 kilometers southwest of Heraklion, lies the captivating village of Matala. This quaint seaside haven boasts a rich tapestry woven from ancient history, a free-spirited past, and a vibrant present.

A Cradle of Civilization:

Matala’s story stretches back millennia. The impressive network of artificial caves carved into the cliff face overlooking the bay date back to the Neolithic Age, hinting at their use as dwellings in prehistoric times. During the Minoan era (roughly 2700 – 1450 BC), Matala flourished as the port city for the powerful Minoan palace of Phaistos, a testament to its strategic location. Evidence suggests the caves may have served various purposes throughout history, from storage spaces to potential tombs during the Roman period.

A Sanctuary for the Free Spirit:

Matala’s unique character truly blossomed in the 1960s and 70s. The allure of the dramatic caves, coupled with the relaxed atmosphere and stunning beach, drew a wave of free-spirited individuals, particularly hippies, who carved their own niche in this captivating corner of Crete. Many took up residence in the caves, transforming them into colorful dwellings that remain a prominent symbol of Matala’s bohemian past. Legends abound, with whispers of Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan seeking solace on these shores, adding to the village’s mystique.

A Modern Beach Paradise:

Today, Matala seamlessly blends its rich history with a lively present. The iconic caves are now protected, standing as silent sentinels of a bygone era. The 300-meter stretch of golden sand lining the picturesque bay forms the heart of the village’s appeal. Visitors flock to Matala to soak up the warm Mediterranean sun, take refreshing dips in the turquoise waters, and indulge in a variety of water sports.

Beyond the Beach:

While the beach takes center stage, Matala offers more than just sun and sand. Quaint tavernas line the waterfront, tempting visitors with fresh seafood dishes and traditional Cretan cuisine. Lively bars pulsate with energy in the evenings, perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. For a touch of history, explore the Minoan ruins of Phaistos, offering a glimpse into the island’s ancient past.

A Destination for All:

Matala caters to a diverse range of travelers. Families with young children appreciate the calm, shallow waters of the beach. Adventurous souls can explore hidden coves and nearby caves via boat trips. History buffs can delve into the Minoan and Roman legacies, while nature enthusiasts can appreciate the dramatic cliff formations and diverse birdlife.

A Time Capsule with a Modern Twist:

Matala’s charm lies in its unique ability to transport visitors back in time, while simultaneously offering the comforts and conveniences of a modern seaside resort. Whether you seek to explore ancient ruins, relive the spirit of the hippies, or simply relax on a stunning beach, Matala promises an unforgettable experience on the south coast of Crete.

Matala’s Modern Pulse: Festivals and Filming Locations

Matala pulsates with a vibrant energy that extends beyond its historical significance and stunning beach. Here’s a glimpse into two aspects that showcase the village’s modern appeal:


Matala the recent years thrived on its lively festival scene that is held annually during the summer months (typically July or August), this open-air festival explodes with music, dance, and cultural performances. Local and international artists take center stage, transforming Matala’s beachfront into a pulsating hub of energy. The festival celebrates life, music, and the carefree spirit that Matala embodies.

Brush with Fame, the TV series of the Greek Public TV Channel ERT,  “Η Παραλία” (The Beach)

Set against the backdrop of the idyllic beach town of Matala, Crete in 1969, “Η Παραλία” (The Beach) is a captivating drama that intertwines love, mystery, and social upheaval during a transformative era.

“Η Παραλία” (The Beach) is a captivating tale that explores themes of love, loss, identity, and social change. It transports viewers to a time of cultural upheaval and examines the clash between traditional values and the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

Easy access into the water
Shallow Water
Family friendly
Shops, restaurant, cantins nearby
Calm waters (most of the time!)

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