Lentas beach
Levena archaeological site in Lentas, south Crete
Lentas beach in south Crete

Lentas Beach is a beautiful and secluded beach located in the southern part of Crete, nestled amidst the dramatic scenery of the Asterousia Mountains. Here’s a closer look:

  • Remote and Peaceful: Lentas Beach is a narrow strip of coastline offering a relaxing retreat for visitors seeking a peaceful escape. The beach itself is a mix of sand and pebbles, with crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Here the great Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis spent a lot of time working on his books, choosing a tiny cave with a carved seat and a beautiful view of the sea, to Elephant Rock, but also to Kofinas Peak. A perfect place to isolate while 
  • Historical Significance: Lentas Beach has a fascinating history, having once served as one of the ports of Gortys, a powerful Cretan city during Roman rule. It was called Levene during this time. Today, the beach retains a traditional charm, with a small fishing harbor and a laid-back atmosphere. The ancient port was the portal to mainly the Roman and North African travelers who were seeking services in the sanatorium center and the sanctuary of Asklepios that the Gortynians had built Lentas. Asklepios temple was excavated in 1884 and 1913. It was a medical center with hydrotherapy due to the springs and was quite well known. It was abandoned around the eighth century after Christ.
  • Natural Beauty: The beach is framed by towering cliffs and dramatic rock formations, including Cape Lion on the western end, named for its resemblance to a reclining lion. The Asterousia Mountains provide a stunning backdrop, offering a glimpse of Crete’s wild and rugged beauty.
  • Limited Amenities: Compared to other beaches in Crete, Lentas is less developed. There are a few tavernas and restaurants lining the beach, offering fresh seafood and traditional Greek cuisine. Basic amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent in some areas, but there are no large resorts or hotels. This adds to the beach’s tranquil character, making it a favorite spot for nature lovers and those seeking a more authentic Cretan experience.
  • Activities: While relaxation is the main focus at Lentas Beach, there are a few activities available for those seeking some adventure. Water sports rentals are available, offering options like kayaking, paddleboarding, and windsurfing. The surrounding area is also great for hiking and exploring the Asterousia Mountains.
Easy access into the water
Not busy
Family friendly
Shops, restaurant, cantins nearby
Calm waters (most of the time!)

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