Pachia Ammos and Afrathias beach north of Kalamaki

Aftathias Beach, situated north of the better-known Kalamaki Beach, presents a distinct coastal character on this part of the southern shores of Crete. This stretch of coastline exhibits a fascinating interplay between natural elements and human presence.

The Geropotamos River is forming a small wetland area directly behind the beach. The beach itself deviates from the golden sands of its neighbors, offering a more natural composition of pebbles, coarse sand, and rocky parts. Aftathias is recognized for its tranquil waters, particularly near the river mouth, creating a suitable environment for families with young children or those seeking a relaxing swimming experience.

Aftathias as all the stretch of this part of Crete, serves as a nesting ground for the Caretta caretta sea turtle. During the nesting season, which spans from May to October, specific restrictions might be implemented to safeguard these turtles and their hatchlings. It’s crucial to be aware of any designated nesting zones that may be fenced and restricted.

An intriguing feature visible from Aftathias Beach is the Tympaki military airport next to it to the north. It is not a busy airport and it generally does not disrupt the tranquility of the beach.

Rocky shore

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