Dairy products “ZOMINTHOS”

The traditional dairy products “ZOMINTHOS” are produced in the heart of Psiloritis Geopark, a Geopark that is under the auspices of UNESCO, and contain the aromas of the rich biodiversity of the sacred mountain.

The products “ZOMINTHOS” are produced at an altitude of 1000m. in a well-equipped milk processing factory in the Natural Park of Psiloritis, near the Minoan settlement Zominthos, the place where Minos collected the livestock products for the palace of Knossos. The place where the excavators continue to prove the importance of the sacred area and emphasize its timeless continuity of the cheese art, both in the Minoan settlement as well as in the mitata-tyrokelia (cheese containers) of the shepherds and in the cheese dairies of the Minoan period that are located there. Descendants of all these, the traditional dairy products “ZOMINTHOS”, contain all the knowledge, experience, passion and care of the cheese art and its tradition of so many years.

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