Kourkoulou Winery

To protect the environment and nature, from the beginning of the Kourkoulou Winery business, they have maintained a positive attitude towards environmental protection with both the products they produce and the production processes for quality services that make people’s lives better and healthier.

Daily practices towards the green direction:

  • Energy saving and energy efficiency: Deactivation of air conditioning units during non-working hours with timers, proper thermal insulation of the building, installation of photovoltaic systems, selection of appliances with high energy efficiency and certified low energy hot water, hot water selection, choice of solar water heater consumption, exploitation of natural light and sunlight, etc.
  • Waste reduction and recycling: Identification of the types and quantities of waste generated during the operation of the company, review of the way and packaging materials, and composting. Paper recycling, exploitation of e-mail, etc.
  • Water saving, repair of any leaks in the plumbing installations, installation of automatic systems, etc.
  • “Green” supplies in food / agricultural products: It concerns the way of their production, observance of the rules of Good Agricultural Practice, organic products, indications of Geographical Indication Product (PGI), certifications according to HACCP, ISO, etc.
  • “Green” transport: Selection of the appropriate way & means of transport of products, management of vehicle movements, etc.
  • “Green” tourism: Refers to the alternative form of tourism, wine tourism, with high-quality services and business activities related to nature.

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